Qubitica is a community of developers, IT experts and others who have come together to build something big. We are often a seller but also sometimes a buyer of services realted to IT, advertisement and the whole bunch what a company needs.

Interestingly, it is still common to pay us with USD or EUR and sometimes with BTC or ETH. We are in blockchain business and people would like to pay us with USD? Of course we accept it, but one thing is completely lacking in this behavior. You know what?

We have hundreds of cryptocurrencies or tokens, and most companies do not even try to use their own tokens as a kind of payment. Right, often there is no exchange system that you can use to convert them to USD, and sometimes companies do not know the value of their own tokens. I’m talking about the many new startups that start with an idea and a token.

These startups often have a tight budget and no money, but why we should not use some of their tokens as payment? Yeah, we do not know exactly what value it has, and maybe we can cash in in over two years, but that will give everyone who works at Qubitica the chance to make an investment into a good idea.

This will be a new service from Qubitica.net. Customers can pay with their own token, even if the value is unknown.

But the idea does not stop here. Why we do not offer this service to other sellers to and bring together crypto startups and service companies? As long as you say “yes” to “Pay with your token” you can be listed here and connect.

Just get in contact with our support and tell us what you want to buy or sell.